Date Lady Ice Cream Toppings

Try Date Lady on Ice Cream!

Date Lady products make excellent ice cream toppings! They have a unique flavor like none other, and there's no added sugar because they're sweetened with dates! So sit back, relax and enjoy your cool treat!

>Try Date Lady Pure Date Syrup over vanilla ice cream and blackberries. Date Syrup is made with one ingredient - organic dates!

>Have you tried our Date Lady Coconut Caramel Sauce yet? It's one of our faves 😊 It's made with dates + coconut cream and is great on ice cream, yogurt, toast, bananas and more!

>Turnin' your world upside down! Our Date Lady Chocolate Spread is one of a kind. It's rich and spreadable like frosting, but sweetened with fruit sugar only.... that's right, with dates! You can also warm it up and drizzle over ice cream, pretzels or your fave treat!

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