The Secret to Making the Best Nice Cream

Are you trying to cut out dairy, or just make your ice cream a little bit healthier? Try Nice Cream! It's a a dairy free option made with bananas. And if you really want to take your Nice Cream to the next level, caramelized bananas is the trick.

And when you're done whipping up a fresh batch, you can top it off with Bon Appetit's 5 Favorite Healthyish Ice Cream Toppings, and Date Lady Pure Date Syrup happens to be on the list! Check out the entire list of toppings here!

Photo from Bon Appetit

"Date Lady makes a series of indulgent sweet treats made with dates—and we’re all about that here at Healthyish. The syrup is wonderfully familiar in texture, but with a surprisingly fruity zing from the dates. This will give your nice cream that little bit of oomph." - Healthyish by Bon Appetit

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