It's Our 6 Year Anniversary!

We (you + us), made it to year six and we couldn't have done it without you! We knew date syrup was a good thing back in 2005 when we first started using it in our own kitchen, but believing in something yourself is quite a different thing than gaining enough other believers to sustain a business! But here we are, still procuring date goods and delivering them with love to all of you that have grown to love it as much as we do! Just for fun, we dug up a few pictures from before Date Lady got started.

Fun fact: We used Medjool dates in our very first syrup and test marketed it under the brand, "Organics Are For Everyone". Above was our first label, circa 2010. Back then organics especially seemed elite, but we always wanted to point out that it wasn't for elite groups, but for EVERYONE. It's just plain ol' food, what our great grandparents ate without knowing they were being fancy. We decided on a more specific name however, instead of trying to change an entire mindset about organic foods. We're thinking that was probably smart. :) Someday we might share the story of how the name "Date Lady" came about, it's a good one.

Pre-Date Lady exploration in the Middle East, where we first discovered date syrup! This desert we're hiking in was right by our house and the date oasis was near by. Date syrup has been used for thousands of years in that part of the world.

We almost went with this label before choosing our current design. What do you think?

Thanks again for your support of our small business. We would not be here without you - our valued customers!